At Wolfe Functional Medicine, we are proud of our full-suite of products, services, and tests designed to help our patients reach their full health and performance potential.

Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

We only carry supplements of the highest efficacy. Our pharmaceutical grade supplements contain raw ingredients and undergo a strict manufacturing process in order to produce the highest quality product for you.

Medical Grade CBD/Hemp Products

We make sure our CBD and hemp products are extracted in a proper, clean fashion and contain only the purest ingredients.

Detox Kits

Both custom and standard detoxification protocols are available to patients.

Specialized Testing Kits

Depending upon your needs, Dr. Wolfe may recommend specific, specialized testing to gain more objective findings regarding your health. For example, these are some of the tests we offer: Comprehensive Diagnostic Stool Analysis, SIBO Testing, IgeneX Lyme Testing, Urine/Saliva Hormone Testing, and Food Sensitivity Testing. These tests are not normally used in conventional medicine and they are usually not covered by insurance. That being said, we feel they are much more extensive and provide us with answers we would not know otherwise. We do not want to guess about your health.

Bloodwork and Labs

DR. Wolfe feels strongly about running bloodwork and feels that it is an essential part of developing an appropriate treatment plan for you. She will often suggest additional tests/ panels beyond conventional routine bloodwork so that she can get to the root of your health condition(s).